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~ Serving God's people holistically with the living gospel of Jesus Christ~

ELCIN is called to serve God’s people and witness to Christ’s gospel through administering the sacraments, preaching, teaching, counseling and doing diaconal services and development. Click here to read what we stand for.




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ELCIN is the product of the Finnish missionaries who came to plant the seeds of christianity to Namibia in early 1870.


The 9th of July 1870 marked the beginning of spreading

the gospel of the Kingdom of God

to the people at the northern part

of the country, that was known as ”Owambo.”  read more
about our history


We commit ourselves to do mission work and to ensure sustainable development through

- out research activities
- Interfaith encounters
- Developing historical places
- Initiating missionary organs

ELCIN is a member of :
World Council of Churches:       WCC -
Council of Churches in Namibia : CCN 
Lutheran World Federation :  LWF 
Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa :  LUCSA 

United Church Council: Namibia Evangelical Lutheran Churches UCC-NELC