Service opportunities


 ELCIN wants to serve her members and the population of the country spiritually, physically, and socially.


There are many forms of activities within the church


ELCIN is doing mission work inside Namibia. The work extends to areas beyond the reach of ordinary parish work from Kaoko in the west to Caprivi in the east. Evangelization is conducted by preachers in the parishes and by special travelling pastors, both in the northern Namibia and in the more urban South. The youth work is lively in the schools and parishes. Sunday schools and nurseries (kindergartens) cater for children in the community.




Day to Day Services

education ELCIN Leaders Our Three Expressions



ELCIN owns two private schools  :


 Oshigambo High School (1960)

and ELCIN Nkurenkuru High school (1990) .


Other institutions :


- Engela Parish Institute  - trains  deacons and lay preachers.


- ELCIN Rehabilitation Centre

- Elcin Pastors are trained at

- Paulinum united Theological Seminary, Windhoek.


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The ELCIN Printing Press is publishing books, booklets, a newspaper and magazines in local languages for parish and church use, as well as various printed articles for schools and businesses purposes.

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Other services  offered by ELCIN :

- ELOC Vestment
produces clerical outfits and holy communion wafers, also clothes and other hand crafts for sale.

The Lutheran Medical Mission (LLM) offers community based primary health care.

Auala ELCIN Library is situated in Oniipa, with archives of the mission and chuch history.

Other Services

Guest House ELOC guest house offers tranquil accommodation and situated in Oniipa.

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ELCIN Guest House
P/Bag 2018, Ondangwa
Tel: 00264 (65) 248189